Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016 Fish Camp Press Release

For Immediate Release

Media Contact:
Name: Barb Carey
Phone: 608-692-7386

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WI Women Fish held it’s 10th Annual Fish Camp in Mercer, WI last weekend.  This year’s theme was chosen by a logo contest and Rikki Pardun’s, “Rosie the Riveter, holding a fish” won.  Three adjacent Iron County resorts, Donner's, Cedar Cove, and Cedar Lodge were filled. A new record attendance brought 70 women from five states including IA, IL, MI, WI and MN. The three day fishing clinic included various seminars, guest speakers, a fun tournament, and the annual WI Women Fish club awards. This annual event started 10 years ago with a group of 20 women camping and fishing from shore.

Over the last decade, the membership, along with the skills, have increased significantly. All of the anglers were able to get out on the water in boats, and hundreds of fish were caught. Fish were even caught on the lures sponsors provided in the goodie bags. The event was held on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage, and the fall colors put on quite a show. The morning fog created an interesting start to the Sunday morning tournament. Laughter and cheers could be heard coming from boats, indicating some were catching fish. The dense fog kept boats fairly close to the shore until the sun burned it off.

The Annual Club Awards were a special part of the weekend. Kori Snedigar won Angler of the Year; Christina Lemke, Rookie of the Year; Bonnie Timm, Most Improved Boater; Rikki Pardun, Service Award; Pat McGrath, Most Determined Angler; Paula Wilson, Most Improved Angler; Samantha Sukupcak the Mentor Award, and Holly Hanson, Meritorious Service Award for 10 years of contributions.

Sponsors of the event included Lund Boats, Jerry's Sport Service, Clam Outdoors, Plano, Cabela’s, Lake Fork Trophy Lures, Rod Sox, Off Shore Tackle, Turtle River Trading Co., Wampum Shop, Subway, Costa Sunglasses, IL Outdoors, RP Custom Lures, Northland Fishing Tackle, Dorn Hardware, Pure Fishing, St. Croix Rods, St. Croix Adventures, Skyline Lodge, Keweenaw Tackle Company, Vexilar, Ego Nets, Gateway Lodge, Ontario Women Anglers, Seafoam, Traditions Media, Great Wild Radio Show, Hobie, Hot Spots Maps,Cubby Mini-Mites, and Two Way Fillet.

2017 Fish Camp will be held at the same location on Oct. 6th - 8th.

Additional photos below.

Bonnie Timm with a huge Smallie

Rita lands a dandy

Tie for first place

PJ gets a Master Angler Crappie

Nice Crappie

Clam boat can fit a lot of anglers

Fish Cleaning class 

Dodie isn’t skunked
Rookie of the year, Christina Lemke

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Four hours in the U.P.

Four hours in the U.P.

I was born and raised in the UP of Michigan which is probably the reason I turned out a little wild. I try to get back to visit as often as I can. My last 4 hours here made me realize, that this place is
Michigamme River
 still pretty wild. I was visiting with my Dad and we decided to take a ride out to my brothers camp. We got 100 yards down the road from his house, and had to slow down as we rode by the fox den that is in the same spot year after year. We always slow down when we go by, to see if the fox is around. Just a bit further down the road
, there was a fawn that was recently torn apart by something. Of course that led to a conversation about wolves. On the ride out to camp, we saw about 15 deer along the highway, which led to a conversation about how this deer season, maybe we will see an actual deer. 

My brothers camp is located on the Michigamme river. It is one of my favorite kayak fishing rivers and a few years ago I took my friends on a trip there. We caught a lot of fish.
Waiting for dinner
We are going back this summer.  On the “camp” road we saw a Blue Heron fishing at the culvert. We startled it and it flew off, but it returned within a few minutes. I was wondering what fish were in the little stream rushed through the tunnel. Is was definitely hunting for something.

We rode around the old logging roads on the property but did not see anything worth noting. Except that the food plot was growing nicely. The leaves were still thick on the trees so we didn’t even see any birds.

We came back to Dad's house which is on a nice 250 acre lake. As we were standing in the yard, a huge bald eagle came swooping over head. It flew past us, turned around and came back. It swooped down near the edge of the water  and grabbed a dead fish. He started flying away with it, but dropped the fish back into the water.
Eagle in tree
The fish looked like a pike about 20 inches long. The eagle flew up into a tree and landed on a branch. The branch it was resting on was small, and it was swaying back and forth in the wind. The eagle had to flap its wings to keep from falling. I knew the eagle would go back for the fish and I wanted to capture it on video. I decided to try to get a better angle and ran to the other side of the house. As I got to the other side of house, I saw the eagle flying off with the fish. Dang, he was quick. I missed it. 

It started to rain so that put an end to our playing outside. We came in the house and watched the Packers beat the Lions. Technically the UP of Michigan is in Michigan, but most Yoopers are Packer fans. 

The rain continued and I had to force my dog Stella, a Boston Terrier, to go outside. She saw the rain and I practically had to push her out the door. I stood there waiting for her to come back and wondered what was taking her so long. I
Stella and the Partridge
tend to worry if she is gone for very long since the fox usually swings by the yard every day. She only came back after I yelled for her.  She looked like she had been up to something but I didn’t give it much thought. A little while later, I went outside and she was right there ready to come with me, regardless of the rain. She ran to the side of the house and was into something. I went to take a look and there was a headless partridge. It seemed fresh. Stella was munching on the bird.  She had extra interest in the exposed crop and she had a feather sticking out of her mouth. Did I mention she loves dead stuff? Deer parts especially. 

I wondered how the bird died. Did Stella kill it when she was out earlier? I felt it and it felt soft and possibly a little warm. It seemed fairly fresh. The only thing missing was the head. The rest of it looked perfectly good. I decided if Stella would have killed it, she would she would have been more fired up when she came in. I decided to clean the bird and Stella was pretty excited. She would have liked the whole thing given back to her. After all, she is the one that found it. After I cleaned the bird, I examined it and the edges of the breast meat looked a little gray. I was bummed. I was hoping it would be edible. 
Breast meat

I decided to place the breast and the carcass on the shore of the lake near where the eagle grabbed the fish. I brought Stella in the house and decided to grab the better video camera. A short time later I went back outside to find the dead partridge gone.  The only thing left was a pile of feathers. Dang I missed it again. 

My new mission is to film that eagle grabbing some food from the shoreline. I wondered if was the same eagle we fed on Thanksgiving a few years ago. There is a special bond that you get with animals that you share the same space with. Whenever I come here, I fall in love with this place all over again. I think Stella does too.

My bird dog

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Best of Show at AGLOW - The 2016 Honda Pioneer

2016 Honda Pioneer SS
During my recent trip to New York, Honda was there ready and waiting to show us their flagship  SxS  2016 Honda Pioneer. Their reps’s were at the AGLOW conference and I have to admit, they stole the show. There was waiting line to try out the new 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe. A nice off road course was set up and they let us hit the trail. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to jump in and found the 999cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine
had big power. 
Wild Barb and the Shooter

It had a unique 6 - speed transmission and you could either choose from fully automatic or a manual mode. In manual mode, paddles are right behind the steering wheel designed so you can shift without ever taking your hands off the wheel. It was very easy to use. 

See! he was afraid.
                                                                                                    I drove through mud holes, did sharp turns, went over stumps, and myself along with my passengers were giggling with delight. ( OK Gary was scared). We took turns driving and riding in the front or rear passenger seats was almost just as fun. Ok, its more fun to drive but that is true with anything. This just seemed like the perfect off road vehicle. I wanted to drive around all day, but they made me give someone else a turn. 

Optional plow and winch

The Pioneer 1000-5 is the 5-seater and the back seats fold forward, converting the rear seats into a cargo bed that goes completely flat for cargo loads. It also has a dump feature. You can dump it with one finger because it has an hydraulic assist. When I buy a truck or a utility vehicle, I always check the ground clearance. This has an impressive 12.9 inches and I can just see this skipping across the frozen tundra. There are options for a hard top and you can even get a heater installed. If I was guiding on big water like the folks up in Sturgeon Bay, I would be using 
one of these for my Ice Guiding business. 

Optional hard top

Another thing I look for is height. I like hauling mine in an enclosed trailer and with the 76 inch height, it is still able to fit into the taller enclosed trailers. This unit can take the whole gang, get all your chores completed, and hit the trail or the ice to make memories for the whole family.  You can haul people, wood, a big buck, or your favorite fishing buddies along with their gear. I can just picture me, and four of my girlfriends, searching for fish across Lake Superior. Just attached two Nebulus Flotation Devices and there is pretty much no stopping us. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Favorite hunting finds at AGLOW

I recently attended the AGLOW ( Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers )  conference in Chautauqua County New York. Part of the conference is a break out session where companies that produce outdoor gear, can showcase their products. I had the opportunity to spend a day learning about these new products and would like to share with you my favorites. I  was introduced to products on hunting, fishing and even some that had the safety of the outdoors person in mind. This blog will be on the hunting related products.

Sure Shot Game Calls - The World Champion Double Reed Duck calls are made the same way they designed them in the 1950‘s. These calls are made from black walnut and claim to be “The First and Last Call You Will Ever Use”.They look like works of art, and it seems they would be handed down from one generation to next. With a lifetime warranty, the USA company is rich in history, and worth a checking out if you are shopping for a duck call. 

Hawke Optics -  Hawke is a worldwide optics company that has a range of products including Rifle Scopes, Crossbow scopes, Binoculars and Spotting Scopes. Matching good quality and a good value is a focus of the company, and the variety of products is extensive. I own the Endurance 4-12 x 42 with a 30/30 Centre Cross reticle. I am no expert, but I can quickly get the cross hairs on the target and be ready to fire. I need things simple, durable, effective and a good value. Worth a look if you are in the market.

Rage Broad HeadsI had no idea the extent of options when choosing a broadhead. Rage has over 25 options to choose from in a variety of  styles. I have been using the Extreme crossbow series and they have over a 2 inch cutting diameter. Lets face it, if you shoot a deer with a bow, you want to create  a big hole in it so it drops over. If you need convincing, check the photos on their web site.

Real Avid Gun Tool If you are looking for the perfect gift for a gun owner this may be it.  This handy ergonomic tool is similar to a multi-purpose tool, but it specializes in everything you need to maintain weapons in the field or in the house. The 18 pieces each have a specific purpose including a choke tube wrench, a scope turret windage & elevation tool, various bit drivers, a pin punch and much more. For the price of under $25, you can buy one for yourself at the same time. 

Turkey THUGS trigger Box Call by Quaker Boy - I like simple turkey calls. With a gentle squeeze of a trigger type mechanism, it is easy to create life like hen noises. I have used calls in the past when I probably did more to scare the birds away, than draw them in. Simple and compact, it fits in your pocket. The USA company was started by a barber and beautician who had an extreme love of the outdoors. 

Plano Hard Gun Cases - These cases are so well built i am surprised they don’t have a commercial of them tossing them out of an airplane or a fast moving vehicle. These hard
cases are packed with a high density foam and come in a variety of options including tactical and weather proof. The industrial strength latches are lockable and you know your firearm will be safe and sound. I have the 09130 Field Locker™ medium mil-spec pistol hard case for my 9 mm handgun. Once again the common theme is I am hard on stuff and it’s nice not to have to worry about something going wrong with my gun storage system. 

Top Notch Outdoor Systems - Talk about hot off the press, this product was practically still warm from the factory. This system of hunting accessories include a base plate that attaches to a tree near your tree stand or wooded blind. Numerous attachments can snap into the base and provide efficient hands free storage.  Items included a utility hook, a cup holder, a cell phone holder, and even a trail camera was mounted on the system.  The display they had at the show was a tree holding these products in a real life situation and the crowd was thick in front of it all afternoon. Simple, durable, and affordable. Once you see it, it will be a must have. This product is so new, it is not on the web site yet but watch for it at

Bite Spikes - This is a unique anchoring stake for hunting blinds, tents, screen rooms, tarps or what ever else you need attached to the ground by a heavy duty spike.
They come in a variety of sizes and colors. It is simple to use and there are no knots to tie. My current metal stakes for my ground are all bent from stepping on them to try to get them into the ground.  The demo of this product was impressive, and the sell at a price point that makes it an easy choice.

CAMX Crossbows - You open the box when you buy this bow, and there is a three hole target that has been shot in the bullseye's, before it leaves the factory. When you get it, it is ready to go. Open box. Assemble. Hunt. Then you can fling this thing across the field as far as you can throw it, pick it up and shoot a bullseye. I would not have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. I have a top brand cross bow of my own, and would never try this stunt. But with this CAMX Crossbow, that is how tough they are made. if you are a rugged outdoors person and need an indestructible cross bow, look no further. 

HI Mountain Seasonings - Nothing like having fresh game that you harvested to provide great food for your family. These seasonings make it easy to make your
own jerky, sausage and create smoked fish and meats that are deli shish. I tasted samples and was very impressed. There are lots of flavor options available from the standard hickory or mesquite to the spicy lime or jalapeƱo blend. A great gift to the game harvester in your family. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Favorite fishing finds from AGLOW.

I recently attended the AGLOW ( Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers )  conference in Chautauqua County New York. Part of the conference is a break out session where companies that produce outdoor gear, can showcase their products. I had the opportunity to spend a day learning about these new products and would like to share with you my favorites. I  was introduced to products on hunting, fishing and even some that had the safety of the outdoors person in mind. This blog will be on the fishing related products.

#10 - Berkley Flicker Shad - Although this product has been out for several years, it continues to be one of the top crank baits that were ever made. It may eventually get bumped off my list, but it continues to be my choice if I could fish only one hard bait for the rest of my life. They continue to come out with new colors and patterns and they will soon be selling replacement hooks. Unique color patterns can be found at various businesses such as Fleet Farm and Cabelas. 

#9 -  Zippo Rugged Lantern - I love fishing at night but good 
lighting has been difficult until now. Zippo’s rugged lantern is tough.
I tend to be hard on stuff and this light can withstand a five foot drop and a heavy rainstorm. It has a rechargeable battery, an emergency SOS setting and adjustable brightness. Great for year round use.

#8 - Clam Link Soft Shell gloves.  Fall fishing is here and I will be Musky Fishing. I will be wearing the new Clam Link Soft Shell gloves. These weather resistant three layer soft shell gloves have articulated fingers and thumbs. The fingers and palms have a gripping cross pattern that will be perfect for holding a massive fish for a quick photo before its release.

#7 - Two Way Filet -  A new cutting board system that gives you a third hand. A reversible clamp holds the fish by the mouth to the board. It free’s up one hand and rotates to flip the fish over to clean the other side. It is one of those, “why didn’t I think of that” products. Good how-to videos on their web site.

#6 - St Croix Triumph X - I picked up one of these rods at a recent St Croix factory tour.  I have had it in my assortment of rods, and I find it has become my go to rod. Not only do I like the looks of it, it is fabricated from St. Croix’s quality SCII graphite blanks. The entry level price point makes it a bargain for such good quality.  

#5 - Maki Plastics - I had no idea there were so many aquatic insects floating around in the water. Maki plastics continues to be the leader in matching the hatch. In addition to looking life like, these soft plastics are filled with a scent that triggers bites, and when fish bite they hold on. I use these things year round and they actually have a pleasant smell, not one that makes you turn away when you open the package. 

#4 - Plano Blade Bag - Spinnerbaits have always been difficult to find a place for in my boat. Plano’s Blade Bag has a rugged exterior, and opens to hold clear zippered pvc  pockets to hold those baits tight and easy to see. Store buzzbaits, chatterbaits  and just flip through the pages of pockets to get to the one you want.  Additional pockets for miscellaneous tools. 

#3 -  Lucky John MeBara 37 - I love jigging and I may have found my new favorite. The popularity of hard baits like Rapala’s jigging Rap or the Moonshine Shiver Minnow has exploded in recent years. Well look out, there is a new kid on the block.
 The top spinal fin made of brass has three holes, each giving a different action.  The bait has significant weight getting you in the strike zone quicker. The colors look inviting.

#2 - The Trophy Anglers' Live Well- I have seen this previously at the Mercer Can-Yak
Tournament, and  I was impressed. It works great  for  keeping minnows or fish alive and protected while in your kayak or from a boat dock.The inventor thought of this product after losing all his walleyes while on a trip to the Boundary Waters. A wild animal took his fish off a stringer and he went hungry for a few days. I plan on putting my $6 a piece sucker minnows in it while on a long weekend musky trip. The minnows can live happily, just waiting for their turn, and I don’t have to babysit them. 

#1 -Clam Deluxe Lithium Rechargeable Aerator - During the course of a year, I tend to babysit a lot of minnows. I can’t remember how many times I had batteries die in my aerator, or worse yet, find corroded batteries after not using it for awhile. This long lasting rechargeable aerator has
two ports to keep two buckets going at once. I have one on order. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Lewiston NY

I recently took a trip to New York with my buddy Gary. I have been to New York several times and when I hear “New York” I think of tall buildings, heavy traffic and the noise of city living. This time was different.

I was invited on a fishing trip to Lewiston, and I admit I had to check the map to see where it was. Lewiston is on the Lower Niagara River, nestled between Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario. Lake Erie flows into the Niagara River and after the infamous waterfall, it becomes the Lower Niagara River and then flows into Lake Ontario. The water way has an imaginary line down the center and one side is the US and the other side is Canada.

When I got to town, the tall buildings and noise were no where to be found. The area had a small town feel and it seemed to be a place where you could walk down the street and find all sorts of interesting shops and restaurants. In the center of town, we happened upon the annual Peach Festival which is an annual event that is quite popular with the locals. Many vendor booths, food carts and activities were going on, including the crowning of the Peach Queen. We missed all that as we had fishing on our minds but it seemed like a wonderful family event, complete with some carnival rides and funnel cakes.

We continued onto the Barton Hill Hotel, our home base for the next two days. The Hotel is a majestic looking structure that faces the river. When I drove into the cobble stone driveway, trees framed the entrance on both sides making it seem like you drove thru a tunnel to get to the front door. If I had to guess I would say the building was over 100 years old but, come to find out, it was just recently built, and intentionally made to look old. The rooms were huge and I must say, it was one of the nicest places I have ever stayed. 

 After we were settled, we walked the river front.  There was a nice walking path complete with sculptures, benches, a boat launch, a fish cleaning station, and many area’s to accommodate shore anglers.

The park the next morning
It was very clean and people were out and about walking their dogs, and enjoying the evening. It was after dark, the area was lighted nicely and I felt perfectly safe.  We stopped into a restaurant called the Water Street Landing.  Outdoor seating, a fire pit and live music made it very inviting. We had dinner and drinks and found the staff to be very friendly. It seemed like the crowd was mixed with locals and some tourists, such as ourselves.  After dinner we enjoyed a  short walk back to the hotel and called it a night. 

The next morning we walked back down to the river and met our guide at the boat landing. His name was Joe Marra from Niagara Rainbow Charter Service. He has been guiding on this river for over 20 years. I was happy to see his boat was a Lund and I couldn’t wait to get fishing. 

We headed down stream and started our first drift. We were fishing with a 3 way rig with a pencil type weight on a 4 inch dropper and a small red hook on a 24 inch leader. The bait was soft shell crayfish. The crayfish that shed their outer shell are softer hence the term soft shell. They are hooked thru the tail and float across the bottom. You can feel the weight bump off the rocks as it floats down stream. It didn’t take long for the first fish to hit. Nothing fights better than a Smallmouth Bass. The bite was very light and I found if you lowered your rod tip and let them take it for a bit, you could get hooked up. Most of the fish were hooked right in the corner of the mouth. The fish were plentiful and we caught fish on each drift we took. We even had doubles.
Wild Barb and the Shooter with a double

After fishing in the river for awhile, we went to the mouth of Lake Ontario and drifted the can line. More Smallmouth were caught on the big lake with a few sheepshead thrown in for good measure.

After several hours of catching bass, we decided to change things up and fish for salmon. We headed up river, passing by Lewiston where we launched and the destination was the Devils Hole. There is a state park named Devils Hole and  that was near that area of the river. As we rode upriver the current began to change, and the water boiled in a manner that I had never seen before. At one point, it looked as if the water was not level, like one area of water was six inches higher than another. It was the weirdest thing I have seen. Water swirled in all directions and you could feel the motor working harder to get thru the heavy current. On the right side of the river, there was a Canadian power plant. The huge cement building had water gushing out of the bottom. Right up the river, on the US side, another power plan was there also pushing huge amounts of water into the river. The discharge of both of those plants along with the current coming own from Niagara Falls caused massive swirls of current going in all directions and ever changing.  I felt nervous and noticed I was hanging on tightly to the handle on the side of the boat. 

Once past the power plants the river began to narrow some and we stopped and began to  drift for salmon. There was one stretch of the river that was common to fish and with the current it look less than 10 minutes to drift the whole thing. We fished with a 3 way swivel, a heavier weight and pulled a small spoon hoping for a salmon. I caught another smallie and the boat next to us caught a walleye. Gary saw a huge musky rolling and we saw shore anglers catching fish.  We didn’t see any salmon but it was a little early in the season for those to be in the area. After several drifts thru that area, we headed down stream to fish for a few more smallies before calling it quits. 

One thing I noticed all along the river was, good access for shore anglers. I found a Fishing & Outdoor Activities Map and saw that over 60 marked access points for shore fishing. The species listed that were available to catch in the river included, Bass, Chinook and Coho Salmon, Rainbow & Lake trout, Sturgeon, Walleye, Smelt, Musky, Crappie, Catfish, Perch, Pike and several other species. The map also marked hiking and off road biking trails. Information on guides, marinas, fishing clubs, and other points of interest. It is a really good map. Fishing remain opens all year long and the river in that area does not freeze. Captain Joe, said he guides year round and in the cold weather months, he and his customers wear cold water survival suits. 

Another interesting thing about Lewiston is the area Historic significance of the area. From the war of 1812 to the Freedom Crossing where the underground railroad helped slaves enter into Canada. The history is palpable, and what a great way to teach your kids, (or yourself) some of the history of our nation.
Freedom Crossing Monument

 The next day we went to Niagara Falls. If you have never been there, GO! It is absolutely incredible. It is even hard to describe the beauty and the power of the water. Many tourist attractions are available to get a up close look including the Maid of the Mist. The boat ride takes you below the falls, and the mist of the water falls on you. Rain ponchos are provided. Another option is the Cave of the Winds. This is a walking tour that starts with an elevator ride 175 deep into the gorge. Wood walking path allows you to walk along and see the view from underneath. Several other attractions are available and many shops and souvenir shops dot the area. 
Maid of the Mist

To wrap this up here is my suggestion. Grab the family, the fishing rods, and head over to the Lewiston/ Niagara area of New York. Between the great fishing, one of the great wonders of North America, and the history lesson right before your eyes, it would be a great vacation for anyone. I know I am going back. You can get more info, and one of the good fishing maps at You can also check them out on Facebook at

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Water Wolf Underwater Camera

Underwater camera’s can provide close up viewing of feeding fish and show you the reaction fish have to baits. I have been playing with the Water Wolf Camera, which hooks directly in line, 24 inches from your bait. The camera attaches to the main line, and then you run a leader off the other side of the camera. Water clarity determines how long your leader should be, so some experimenting is in order. 

The camera records in 20 minutes increments and will last over five hours. It takes a micro SD card that fits under the waterproof cap. It works best for trolling, as you can set it and leave it. It isn’t very conducive for casting and I would not recommend it on a regular basis. I have used it in shallow water and almost lost it in some weeds. Its excels in deep, clear water. I have had it 50 feet down and was able to see the images clearly.

It costs about $150 and that does not include the micro SD card. There are weights that fit in a housing on the camera itself, in case you need to get it deeper in the water column. I put the smaller of the two weights in mine, and have never changed them. The cord to plug it into your computer is included. It is black in color and I have dressed mine up with j-plug stickers. I have had fish bite the camera including a northern pike, and Lake Trout. I have not lost a camera yet but I am sure it is possible.

Here you can see the J-plug sticker. I have the white zip tie on it as an extra security measure as the wire that the line hooks into snaps into a groove. I wanted to be sure it would not become dislodged. It plugs into the wall to charge the internal battery. They cap on the end has a rubber seal and you must be sure it is very tight so water does not leak inside the camera. I have two cameras and it seems the caps fit perfect on the one it came with, but they don’t fit well if you switch them.

The action of the lures seems to not be affectedly the attached camera. I usually run spoons off it it and you can actually watch the videos to check how the spoons move in the water.  I have also used crank baits. The biggest advantage is watching the fish react to a bait, and also see what is happening in between hook ups. At times you think there are no fish around and upon reviewing the film, you see many lookers snubbing your bait. It is interesting that much of my best footage has been with the same few spoons. It is perfect for Salmon and Trout fishing.

One down side is the length of time it takes to process the video. When you put the chip in the computer, it shows each file which is a 20 minute video. They download onto your computer quickly, but when you go to open them, it says “converting” and that process is lengthy. I usually start the process and then go off to do something else. Once it is converted, I watch it in Quick Time, and you never know what you are going to see. I have fast forwarded past some footage quickly thinking I would be able to tell if a fish showed up. I didn’t think there was anything on film, but upon review there were fish to be seen. Fish movement is so fast, it can only take a few frames and going through the footage to fast will cause you to miss things. 

I try to make a mental note of the time I land a fish with the camera line. Then I can go to the correct 20 minute segment more efficiently. I have obtained some pretty cool footage and the quality of the video is really good.

The most difficult thing for me is making something out of the raw footage. I am not very skilled at movie making but if I was, there would be super cool videos to be seen. Even the raw footage is impressive to see. For $150, it’s well worth it. I have two, and use them while trolling. I thought that it may hinder the fish from wanting the bait, but now I think it attracts them. Last week while fishing 6 lines, 3 fish came on the camera line, and a 4th fish tried to eat the camera. Slowing down the footage enables you to see how the fish strike, and the speed is unbelievable. Slowing down the footage is an eye opener for fish behavior. Several times, fish have hit and we lost them, but the camera showed what really happened. Once the fish t-boned the lure and missed the hook. Another  time the fish missed the lure, got the line in its mouth and the lure swung back and stuck the fish in the side. After much jumping, the rainbow trout was able to get loose, but having the camera rolling, we were able to see exactly what happened.

I find filming from inside the boat above water cumbersome and it is to hard to film and fish. With these Water Wolf camera’s, you hook it on and let it go. You never know what you will see when you review the footage. It is an educational tool so the expense can be justified. Plus it’s just cool to see. Check out some pictures with this blog and there are some links to some videos that I made.

Link to video where the pike photo was taken.

Link to video where the rainbow trout bites the bait.