Thursday, September 22, 2016

Best of Show at AGLOW - The 2016 Honda Pioneer

2016 Honda Pioneer SS
During my recent trip to New York, Honda was there ready and waiting to show us their flagship  SxS  2016 Honda Pioneer. Their reps’s were at the AGLOW conference and I have to admit, they stole the show. There was waiting line to try out the new 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe. A nice off road course was set up and they let us hit the trail. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to jump in and found the 999cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine
had big power. 
Wild Barb and the Shooter

It had a unique 6 - speed transmission and you could either choose from fully automatic or a manual mode. In manual mode, paddles are right behind the steering wheel designed so you can shift without ever taking your hands off the wheel. It was very easy to use. 

See! he was afraid.
                                                                                                    I drove through mud holes, did sharp turns, went over stumps, and myself along with my passengers were giggling with delight. ( OK Gary was scared). We took turns driving and riding in the front or rear passenger seats was almost just as fun. Ok, its more fun to drive but that is true with anything. This just seemed like the perfect off road vehicle. I wanted to drive around all day, but they made me give someone else a turn. 

Optional plow and winch

The Pioneer 1000-5 is the 5-seater and the back seats fold forward, converting the rear seats into a cargo bed that goes completely flat for cargo loads. It also has a dump feature. You can dump it with one finger because it has an hydraulic assist. When I buy a truck or a utility vehicle, I always check the ground clearance. This has an impressive 12.9 inches and I can just see this skipping across the frozen tundra. There are options for a hard top and you can even get a heater installed. If I was guiding on big water like the folks up in Sturgeon Bay, I would be using 
one of these for my Ice Guiding business. 

Optional hard top

Another thing I look for is height. I like hauling mine in an enclosed trailer and with the 76 inch height, it is still able to fit into the taller enclosed trailers. This unit can take the whole gang, get all your chores completed, and hit the trail or the ice to make memories for the whole family.  You can haul people, wood, a big buck, or your favorite fishing buddies along with their gear. I can just picture me, and four of my girlfriends, searching for fish across Lake Superior. Just attached two Nebulus Flotation Devices and there is pretty much no stopping us. 

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