Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Favorite hunting finds at AGLOW

I recently attended the AGLOW ( Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers )  conference in Chautauqua County New York. Part of the conference is a break out session where companies that produce outdoor gear, can showcase their products. I had the opportunity to spend a day learning about these new products and would like to share with you my favorites. I  was introduced to products on hunting, fishing and even some that had the safety of the outdoors person in mind. This blog will be on the hunting related products.

Sure Shot Game Calls - The World Champion Double Reed Duck calls are made the same way they designed them in the 1950‘s. These calls are made from black walnut and claim to be “The First and Last Call You Will Ever Use”.They look like works of art, and it seems they would be handed down from one generation to next. With a lifetime warranty, the USA company is rich in history, and worth a checking out if you are shopping for a duck call. 

Hawke Optics -  Hawke is a worldwide optics company that has a range of products including Rifle Scopes, Crossbow scopes, Binoculars and Spotting Scopes. Matching good quality and a good value is a focus of the company, and the variety of products is extensive. I own the Endurance 4-12 x 42 with a 30/30 Centre Cross reticle. I am no expert, but I can quickly get the cross hairs on the target and be ready to fire. I need things simple, durable, effective and a good value. Worth a look if you are in the market.

Rage Broad HeadsI had no idea the extent of options when choosing a broadhead. Rage has over 25 options to choose from in a variety of  styles. I have been using the Extreme crossbow series and they have over a 2 inch cutting diameter. Lets face it, if you shoot a deer with a bow, you want to create  a big hole in it so it drops over. If you need convincing, check the photos on their web site.

Real Avid Gun Tool If you are looking for the perfect gift for a gun owner this may be it.  This handy ergonomic tool is similar to a multi-purpose tool, but it specializes in everything you need to maintain weapons in the field or in the house. The 18 pieces each have a specific purpose including a choke tube wrench, a scope turret windage & elevation tool, various bit drivers, a pin punch and much more. For the price of under $25, you can buy one for yourself at the same time. 

Turkey THUGS trigger Box Call by Quaker Boy - I like simple turkey calls. With a gentle squeeze of a trigger type mechanism, it is easy to create life like hen noises. I have used calls in the past when I probably did more to scare the birds away, than draw them in. Simple and compact, it fits in your pocket. The USA company was started by a barber and beautician who had an extreme love of the outdoors. 

Plano Hard Gun Cases - These cases are so well built i am surprised they don’t have a commercial of them tossing them out of an airplane or a fast moving vehicle. These hard
cases are packed with a high density foam and come in a variety of options including tactical and weather proof. The industrial strength latches are lockable and you know your firearm will be safe and sound. I have the 09130 Field Locker™ medium mil-spec pistol hard case for my 9 mm handgun. Once again the common theme is I am hard on stuff and it’s nice not to have to worry about something going wrong with my gun storage system. 

Top Notch Outdoor Systems - Talk about hot off the press, this product was practically still warm from the factory. This system of hunting accessories include a base plate that attaches to a tree near your tree stand or wooded blind. Numerous attachments can snap into the base and provide efficient hands free storage.  Items included a utility hook, a cup holder, a cell phone holder, and even a trail camera was mounted on the system.  The display they had at the show was a tree holding these products in a real life situation and the crowd was thick in front of it all afternoon. Simple, durable, and affordable. Once you see it, it will be a must have. This product is so new, it is not on the web site yet but watch for it at

Bite Spikes - This is a unique anchoring stake for hunting blinds, tents, screen rooms, tarps or what ever else you need attached to the ground by a heavy duty spike.
They come in a variety of sizes and colors. It is simple to use and there are no knots to tie. My current metal stakes for my ground are all bent from stepping on them to try to get them into the ground.  The demo of this product was impressive, and the sell at a price point that makes it an easy choice.

CAMX Crossbows - You open the box when you buy this bow, and there is a three hole target that has been shot in the bullseye's, before it leaves the factory. When you get it, it is ready to go. Open box. Assemble. Hunt. Then you can fling this thing across the field as far as you can throw it, pick it up and shoot a bullseye. I would not have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. I have a top brand cross bow of my own, and would never try this stunt. But with this CAMX Crossbow, that is how tough they are made. if you are a rugged outdoors person and need an indestructible cross bow, look no further. 

HI Mountain Seasonings - Nothing like having fresh game that you harvested to provide great food for your family. These seasonings make it easy to make your
own jerky, sausage and create smoked fish and meats that are deli shish. I tasted samples and was very impressed. There are lots of flavor options available from the standard hickory or mesquite to the spicy lime or jalape├▒o blend. A great gift to the game harvester in your family. 

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