Monday, September 19, 2016

Favorite fishing finds from AGLOW.

I recently attended the AGLOW ( Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers )  conference in Chautauqua County New York. Part of the conference is a break out session where companies that produce outdoor gear, can showcase their products. I had the opportunity to spend a day learning about these new products and would like to share with you my favorites. I  was introduced to products on hunting, fishing and even some that had the safety of the outdoors person in mind. This blog will be on the fishing related products.

#10 - Berkley Flicker Shad - Although this product has been out for several years, it continues to be one of the top crank baits that were ever made. It may eventually get bumped off my list, but it continues to be my choice if I could fish only one hard bait for the rest of my life. They continue to come out with new colors and patterns and they will soon be selling replacement hooks. Unique color patterns can be found at various businesses such as Fleet Farm and Cabelas. 

#9 -  Zippo Rugged Lantern - I love fishing at night but good 
lighting has been difficult until now. Zippo’s rugged lantern is tough.
I tend to be hard on stuff and this light can withstand a five foot drop and a heavy rainstorm. It has a rechargeable battery, an emergency SOS setting and adjustable brightness. Great for year round use.

#8 - Clam Link Soft Shell gloves.  Fall fishing is here and I will be Musky Fishing. I will be wearing the new Clam Link Soft Shell gloves. These weather resistant three layer soft shell gloves have articulated fingers and thumbs. The fingers and palms have a gripping cross pattern that will be perfect for holding a massive fish for a quick photo before its release.

#7 - Two Way Filet -  A new cutting board system that gives you a third hand. A reversible clamp holds the fish by the mouth to the board. It free’s up one hand and rotates to flip the fish over to clean the other side. It is one of those, “why didn’t I think of that” products. Good how-to videos on their web site.

#6 - St Croix Triumph X - I picked up one of these rods at a recent St Croix factory tour.  I have had it in my assortment of rods, and I find it has become my go to rod. Not only do I like the looks of it, it is fabricated from St. Croix’s quality SCII graphite blanks. The entry level price point makes it a bargain for such good quality.  

#5 - Maki Plastics - I had no idea there were so many aquatic insects floating around in the water. Maki plastics continues to be the leader in matching the hatch. In addition to looking life like, these soft plastics are filled with a scent that triggers bites, and when fish bite they hold on. I use these things year round and they actually have a pleasant smell, not one that makes you turn away when you open the package. 

#4 - Plano Blade Bag - Spinnerbaits have always been difficult to find a place for in my boat. Plano’s Blade Bag has a rugged exterior, and opens to hold clear zippered pvc  pockets to hold those baits tight and easy to see. Store buzzbaits, chatterbaits  and just flip through the pages of pockets to get to the one you want.  Additional pockets for miscellaneous tools. 

#3 -  Lucky John MeBara 37 - I love jigging and I may have found my new favorite. The popularity of hard baits like Rapala’s jigging Rap or the Moonshine Shiver Minnow has exploded in recent years. Well look out, there is a new kid on the block.
 The top spinal fin made of brass has three holes, each giving a different action.  The bait has significant weight getting you in the strike zone quicker. The colors look inviting.

#2 - The Trophy Anglers' Live Well- I have seen this previously at the Mercer Can-Yak
Tournament, and  I was impressed. It works great  for  keeping minnows or fish alive and protected while in your kayak or from a boat dock.The inventor thought of this product after losing all his walleyes while on a trip to the Boundary Waters. A wild animal took his fish off a stringer and he went hungry for a few days. I plan on putting my $6 a piece sucker minnows in it while on a long weekend musky trip. The minnows can live happily, just waiting for their turn, and I don’t have to babysit them. 

#1 -Clam Deluxe Lithium Rechargeable Aerator - During the course of a year, I tend to babysit a lot of minnows. I can’t remember how many times I had batteries die in my aerator, or worse yet, find corroded batteries after not using it for awhile. This long lasting rechargeable aerator has
two ports to keep two buckets going at once. I have one on order. 

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